Beauty Products Not To Live Without: Items That Will Keep You Looking And Feeling Good

Everyone has their favorite, or say “Holy Grail” items in their beauty closets, but what about those that are still trying to find items to fit that status? These items work for every skin type and color, and will soon be making a permanent spot in medicine chests.

Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream

The Crème Ancienne collection from Fresh is based after the world’s first cream of the 2nd century A.D. This eye cream contains ingredients such as meadow foam seed oil, sugar apple seed extract, jojoba seed oil, rosewater, seabuckthorn berry oil, and other oils and ingredients to reduce the appearance of aging and increase hydration.

Crème Ancienne Eye Cream is hand blended in a European monastery. Should be applied twice daily and will also help will puffiness and under-eye circles. Cost – $95

Fresh Soda Clarifying Shampoo

The Soda Shampoo by Fresh contains bicarbonate of soda to clarify the scalp and remove excess oils and residues that accumulate in the hair and scalp. This shampoo should be used once or twice a week to add shine, bounce and volume to hair. Although a clarifying shampoo, it is gentle enough to use every day, but once a twice a week will suffice. Cost – $26

Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner

All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner by Redken are meant for dry, brittle hair, but any hair type can benefit from the conditioning ingredients in Redken’s products. These two products help replenish moisture, increase manageability, and add softness and shine. Both products utilize the “Silk-Luxe Complex,” which includes gold camelina, avocado oil, olive oil, and silk amino acid. Cost – $15 for small size, $22 for 33.8 fl oz

Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush

This complexion brush is probably the most inexpensive but efficient tool for the skin on the face. Sephora’s brush helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep pore clear. This product is perfect for individuals with clear skin and for those prone to blemishes; the bristles help keep pores cleaner than manual cleansing so breakouts are less common. The brush comes in three colors: clear, fuchsia and white. Cost – $5

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Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens

Boscia’s Blotting Linen’s are made out of 100 percent natural linen and remove excess oil from the skin, keeping shine at bay. These linens do not remove or disturb make-up, and do not contain oil or preservatives. They come in seven different formulas: Green Tea, Original, Lavender, Rose, California Orange, Peppermint and Vanilla. Each pack contains 100 linens. Cost – $10

NARS Blush

NARS blushes are one of the best on the market; they come in over 10 shades, the most popular being Orgasm, a perfect pink-peach with gold shimmer. Orgasm is a universally flattering shade, and is consistently voted the number one blush in beauty awards. These blushes work on all skin tones and types, and should not cause breakouts. Cost – $26

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick

The Pure Color Gloss Stick is an amazing lip color that imparts shine and color in one swipe. This lip color can be applied lightly for a sheer finish, or can be applied for a full color look. The Gloss Stick comes in 12 different shades, and hydrates, plumps and shapes lips. Pink Sorbet and Pop Pink are great color choices for springtime and suit most skin tones. Cost – $18.50