Save Baby Girl With Congenital Heart Defects: Fight For Female Baby With Coronary Artery And Renal Disease

Four volunteers broke into a hospice to take a baby girl away from her father to save her life, according to a February 5th statement of the Tianjin-based hospice.

The baby girl was born late January with birth defects, including congenital valvular heart defect, coronary artery disease, imperforate anus, and renal disease. After a family meeting, the baby’s father and relatives finally decided to give up the treatment and let the baby die.

Volunteers knocked the family’s door to help the baby. But the father and relatives still insisted to let the baby die. The baby lay on the bed of a local hospice without any treatment and relied on a little bit of sugar water.

Why Father Let Baby Die

The baby girl’s father told January 4th a local newspaper that the family decided to give up his daughter’s life for two reasons:

  • The situation is too complex and serious. There is no guarantee that the baby girl can be cured, and her father did not want to see what had tortured her daughter for 13 days repeat again.
  • Even if the treatment is successful, the baby girl will still face many problems such as lifelong defects and discrimination. The father was afraid that these problems would afflict his baby in all her life.

Controversy over Euthanasia of Baby with Congenital Disease

This event aroused huge controversy in the last few days, for many people thought that it is too cruel to let the baby girl die, especially when her mother still did not know the family’s decision – the father said that he did not want to hurt his wife.

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“Though the prognosis of the baby girl is grim and the treatment risky, I think that we still need to give her a chance to live,” said local resident Lei Na.

Fight for Congenital Disease Baby

February 5th morning four volunteers broke into the hospice and took the baby girl away from her father. Police and the baby girl’s father followed the “kidnappers” and caught up with them in a Beijing-based hospital. After negotiation the father agreed to leave the baby girl in hospital and let the four volunteers take care of his daughter for one week.

Now the baby girl is still in danger, according to Shui Yao, one of the volunteers.

Today many families suffer from congenital heart diseases. According to the American Heart Association, there are around 32,000 babies born with some types of congenital heart defects each year in the United States.